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Majoring international relations with public administration minor at Thammasat University and paying huge interests in Foreign Affairs, Political economy and trade, Strategic Management and Investment. With the combination of language ability, plus the utmost confidences, the career within the scale of foreign affairs to investment analyst is the main target to increase my knowledge and gain an essential experience.


My Story

My name is Jomkhwan Borrirak or 'Jom' as my nickname. I was born in Bangkok, Thailand and I am now 20 years old, studying for another year to finish my bachelor's degree. Four years ago, I have a simple high school life where I have studied general education in Suankularb Rangsit School in Thailand. Nevertheless, things change rapidly when I got surprising opportunity to join an exchange programme to Belgium for a year. In fact, this event of time was an initial pathway that I took to be in this very moment.

It was an amazing year where I have met an amazing people and cultures. Thanks to the country where three languages are in its official languages, I had ability to speak up to four languages after the exchange year; Thai, English, Dutch and FrenchSince then, it also began my passion towards foreign affairs in which enough for it to push me to Thammasat University where its famously known for its political science faculty.

University Life and Activities

After a half year long of entrance exam, I finally could enrolled in the bachelor I wished for since the exchange year. Now, the next step I took was to extract knowledge from the enrolled lessons as much as possible while also improving my public speaking and diplomatic skills. Therefore I have joined plenty of organisations inside and outside the university as academic activities.

Thai Embassy in Manila

Thailand's Representative to Manila, Philippines

Model United Nations

Model United Nation to Tokyo, Japan


Thailand's Representative to Hanoi, Vietnam

Dare Education

Project Operator at DareEducation

Department of Coastal Marines

Understanding ways to tackle marine garbages in Thailand


Multinational Conference regarding Blue Economy at UNESCAP, Bangkok

Non-Academic Activities

Despite all academic activities I have done, I am also interested in projects that does not relate to the field of international relations.


Investment and Import business


My Youtube channel covered various topics from COVID-19 to Strategic investment in Stock Market. Today, the channel consists of two million views with over five thousand subscribers.

I also established a small business of mine where I got into retailing business of supplementary food importation and also invested in SET Index as a main source of income along with Youtube. 

Throughout the university years, I joined the faculty's band where I played as a drummer in various university events as well as playing on my own at home.

Two Visions 2020-2040


The word 'For prosperity' is refer to the well-being of Thai individuals whereby country's economic growth is key to increase one's wellness. Thailand has been stationed in the middle-income country for decades while internal/external investment and increment of GDP-Per Capita tried to deal with that. Right now, there is plenty of actors who is currently engage with Thailand in order to lift off the middle-income label. the EU for instance, has been and will be invested in Thailand's EEC where three provinces will be benefits from future's FTA or others multilateral agreements.  As a person who has been engaged with foreign affairs and international relations for four years, working in the embassy to observe or even create those engagements with my own self has always been an aim since I enrolled as the first year student.


Aging and Death are the two factors that humans believe as inevitable. However, this decade has offered the significant breakthrough in bioengineering whereby the lifespan increment or even age reversal through epigenetic modification can be done by three ways (Read article below to better understand the process). Nonetheless, by simply slow ageing has raised plenty of questions such as obvious overpopulation, scarcity of resources and many more. Those issues has been stabbing slowed down the ageing related research throughout the decade and my aim to is cover that. I believe that those social issues would surely happen but I also believe that the tackling is not to far from reach. As a student in the field of social science, I have aimed to spread out my thought and my researches to the public of Why humans should not be worried about those consequences when humans has ability to stop ageing.

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